Supermarkets, the favorite shopping location for 83 % of Romanians. 66 % prefer Romanian foodstuff


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Two thirds of Romanians believe that supermarkets help them save money while the price is the main factor when choosing the shopping location for 75 pc of them, reveals a survey commissioned by the big retailers’ association and conducted by INSCOP during august 27-September 7.

Supermarkets are also the favorite shopping location for 83.6 percent of the respondents, while 65.2 percent buy from the district stores and 45.2 pc from the agrifood markets.

56.6 pc of the Romanian have a very good opinion about hypermarkets, supermarkets, discount and cash&carry stores and 32.4 pc have a good opinion.

The price is still topping the shopping options (75.2 pc), while 65.1 pc of Romanians choose a product according to its quality and 58 pc according to the distance of the store from their home, the study also reads.

Almost three quarters of Romanians see supermarkets as a catalyzer for economy, also considering they stimulate the cities’ development, while 82.6 pc think supermarkets create new jobs for the local communities.

Almost 66 pc of the respondents consider that Romanian foodstuff is better than the foreign ones, while 27 pc think they have the same quality. Almost 40 pc think that Romanian food products are as expensive as the foreign ones, and 28.8 pc consider they are more expensive.

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