Survey: Only half of the employees feel appreciated at work, 6 out of 10 say employer doesn’t support their well-being

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Approximately 62% of employees find that companies’ concern for the well-being of employees is largely declarative, and not truly supported by organizational practices, according to a survey conducted by the platform in June of this year. Also, in terms of the balance between personal and professional life, approximately 45% of employees marked this indicator with a score of 6 out of 10.

2,122 employees, over the age of 18, with mostly university and postgraduate studies, responded to this survey.

“We aim to reach as many employees in Romania as possible with this message and offer them a concrete action plan, developed by specialists, to strengthen their physical, emotional, social and financial well-being. In the dynamic business environment in which we all work, especially under the pressure of last year, it is easy to lose sight of well-being, as we are so focused on survival. The fact that only 4% of employees in Romania are satisfied with the balance between their personal and professional life is a clear indicator of this. It is why this week we have launched the Wellness Marathon campaign, a project through which, together with our partners, Thrive Global Romania, we seek to bring to the forefront, for both employees and organizations, the fact that well-being, a healthy balance between the professional and personal life should be the number one priority for each of us “, Costin Tudor, founder and CEO of

6 out of 10 employees state that their work environment is predominantly positive and creative

When asked to describe the environment in which they work, approximately 33% of employees presented it as dynamic and positive, and 31% find it relaxing and creative. Only 17% of employees feel that their work environment is rigid and suffocating, while 18% perceive it as toxic.

Most employees were dissatisfied with the extent to which the employer made sure that their work schedule and personal life were respected, and approximately 70% marked this indicator with a score of up to 7 out of 10 points.

Only half of the employees feel appreciated at work

When asked if they feel valued at work, about 52% of employees answered “Yes”. In terms of their personal development being supported by their employer, approximately 35% of employees claim that they work in an organizational culture that aims at employee development, and 36% of them get access to learning programs in accordance with the development plan agreed with their employer.

60% of employees have a close and friendly relationship with their colleagues

In terms of their relationship with their co-workers, 4 out of 10 employees have a strictly professional relationship with their colleagues, while 27% have a friendly relationship based on trust with them, and almost 28% feel very close to their colleagues.

43% of employees claim that their company does not carry out social responsibility actions

Only 2 out of 10 employees state that their organization assumes social responsibility through concrete projects, in which employees are involved, and 4 out of 10 employees state that they are allowed to organize CSR actions within their teams. But 43% of employees say that no social responsibility actions are carried out and the company they work at offers no support in this respect.

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