Suter Palace, to re-open at the end of this month as a 5-star plus hotel


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Suter Palace, dubbed as the most luxury hotel in Romania and the only five-star plus hotel in the country, will re-open its gates at the end of this month (November 27-28), following a revamping process, whose costs are still “ongoing”, as the hotel general manager said on Thursday.

Photo by: The Romania Journal

Located near the Carol Park, at the highest altitude in Bucharest, the hotel is accommodating 17 exclusive rooms and apartments (three apartments and also a space regrouping 3-4 rooms), every of them with their own design and particularities, a 34-seat restaurant and a 20-seat conference room, not to mention the highest chandelier in Europe, stretching up on a four-story height.

Photo by: The Romania Journal

The Suter Palace was built at the beginning of the 19th century by the Swiss architect Gustav Suter, who was part of King Carol I entourage, and who also designed Carol Park and Grammont district in the Capital city. Architect Suter built the palace as its own residence.

The building became a hotel in 2007, when it was launched under the name of Carol Park Hotel.

Photo by: The Romania Journal

However, the hotel was bought by Timisoara-based businessman Vasile Albulescu in 2015 and underwent a facelift, while also regaining its old name, Suter Palace. The rehabilitation aimed and succeeded to preserve the old, refined style of that era, with a little bit of vintage and modern, original touch, as if rooms would store their own story to be told, which is quite obvious in the pictures below.

Photo by: The Romania Journal

The hotel general manager Razvan Pirjol said the average price for a room will be EUR 200, but it could go higher depending on the type of the room.

The hotel is mainly intended for foreign delegations, corporate business or diplomatic events, but a part of the marketing strategy will also eye the collaboration with the travel agencies.

„It will be also online, but minimally. The hotel is already known and expected. The clients are represented by a mix of local and foreign corporate. It will still be a favorite location preferred by the embassies and diplomatic missions,” Razvan Pirjol explained.

Photo: The Romania Journal

In the past, the hotel also accommodated foreign celebrities who had come to perform or visited Romania, such as Beyonce, Enrique and Julio Iglesias, actor Nicholas Cage or the members of Deep Purple band.

Photo: The Romania Journal

According to the GM, it will be a Bucharest city retreat, a unique, exclusive accommodation spot that is though prone to have one major problem: „it creates expectations”,it is a sort of place that you may like or not, but which will surely draw your attention”, as Pirjol stated.

Photo by: The Romania Journal

I think the disadvantage of the location, let’s say the access way, can be turned into an advantage, as guests will find intimacy here”, the GM told us. For instance, to keep its low-profile and just be a ready-to-seize opportunity for exclusive events, the hotel’s GM says the restaurant will be never rented.

Restaurant. Photo by: The Romania Journal

The hotel currently has 20 employees.

As for the investment of the revamping works, it has not been revealed, with the General Manager saying that „it is still ongoing”. „We’ll soon draw the line and we will know the value. It’s difficult to estimate right now, we are talking about several millions euros,” the manager said.

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