Symmetrica makes EUR 6 M investment in a new production unit in Arad County

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Symmetrica, producer of vibro-pressed pavers and curbs, has announced the inauguration of the new production unit in Arad County, in Zimandu Nou, following an investment of over 6 million euros. With the new factory, Symmetrica reaches a total of seven factories throughout the country and consolidates its position on the local market.

„The expansion with production units in strategic areas that would serve the entire Romanian market has been part of our philosophy since its establishment. Thus, the investment made in Arad County came as a natural step not only in strengthening the position of Symmetrica, but also in the context of growing demand on the market in the region. The actual production in the new factory in Arad County started in the first quarter of this year, and the products made here will mainly ensure the South-West area of the country “, said Sebastian Bobu, Symmetrica Executive Director.

According to his statements, the new production unit is located on a plot of 40,000 square meters, with a production hall with an area of 3,000 square meters. Like all the other factories owned by the company, it is based on the design and functionality designed by its own team of engineers, being equipped with state-of-the-art production equipment, fully automated.

Symmetrica’s factory in Arad will produce pavers, curbs, garden elements and gutters, at an average capacity of 3,000 square meters per day, ensuring a 15% increase in total production of the company.

At present, Symmetrica owns seven production units. In addition to the newly inaugurated factory, the company also operates factories in Vereşti – Suceava, Podul Iloaiei – Iași, Bolintin Vale – Ilfov, Prejmer – Brașov, Cociu – Bistrița Năsăud and Mărășești – Vrancea.

Symmetrica’s future plans

Regarding the company’s future plans, the Symmetrica representative stated that new investments are targeted both in geographical expansion by placing new production units in key points in the country, and in increasing production capacities in existing units.

“Depending on the evolution of the local market, but also on investments made in public or private construction and development projects, we consider expanding the total production capacity in the coming years,” said Sebastian Bobu.

Business growing by 20% in 2020

The opportunity to expand production capacity also came in the favorable context of the construction market, but also of the growth of the company’s business from year to year. Thus, in 2020 Symmetrica registered an advance of 20% of turnover, from approx. 135 million lei (approx. 28 million euros) in 2019, at approx. 162 million lei (approx. 34 million euros), following the upward trend of recent years.

Also in terms of volumes of products delivered, Symmetrica has made a considerable advance. If in 2019 the company sold approx. 6.3 million meters of products, last year reached approx. 7 million meters.

“Despite the fact that last year was marked by the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the construction market in general and the paving and curb market in particular were not severely affected. Also, beyond the public and private projects carried out, our business also benefited from the change in the consumption behavior of Romanians who, especially during the lock-down period, invested in home and garden design activities. Thus, the market growth trend is maintained this year as well and, at business level, we estimate that Symmetrica will report an advance of 15% at the end of 2021“, concluded Sebastian Bobu.

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