Synevo Romania launches the first digital histopathology department in Southeast Europe

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Synevo Romania, part of Swedish healthcare and diagnostic services provider Medicover Group, inaugurated the first department of digital histopathology in South Eastern Europe, within the Synevo Central Lab near Bucharest, following an investment of EUR 1 million.

According to a press release, the new unit will use a scanning system to record high-quality images of the specific biological samples, which will significantly reduce the processing time and provide access to all pathologists in the Medicover Diagnostic Division’s labs network.

The new digital histopathology department uses state-of-the-art software systems and equipment.

”Histopathology is an area in which the diagnosis Stoiceadepends largely on the specialist examining the evidence. In this context, the digitization process provides patients access to an entire network of physicians specializing in various pathologies, which collaborate in real time, which means increasing the accuracy of the diagnosis,” Mihai Stoicea (photo), Head of Histopathology Department Synevo Romania, stated.

Implementing the new digital histopathology technologies involves, among other things, the transfer from conventional microscopy to digital images by transposing biological samples into virtual digital blades. The eight pathology laboratories in the Medicover Diagnostic Division’s international network bring together about 100 specialists in the field.


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