Tarom has new general manager: astronaut Dumitru Prunariu’s son

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TAROM has a new general manager: Cătălin Radu Prunariu, the son of the only Romanian astronaut, Dumitru Prunariu.

The company says that the change comes amid the acutest crisis of the airline sector in its history following the Covid pandemic in the past year, particularly on the passenger transport, which has also affected Tarom.

“Despite all these, the national airline has managed to survive the first year of crisis, especially due to the adjustment of the operations and due to seizing new opportunities on the irregular flights segment,” reads a company press release.

The new GM Cătălin Prunariu plans “to enforce and enhance an efficient and sustainable operating pattern by adjusting the company to the airline market, both at national and European level”.

“Concluding the staff and organisation restructuring, the renewal of the aircraft fleet, the financial reform, making the commercial and marketing activities more efficient, as well as the extensive digitization are the major goals for relaunching the company“, reads a message by Cătălin Prunariu.

Cătălin Prunariu is the son of the only Romanian cosmonaut, Dumitru Prunariu.
Cătălin Prunariu started working within TAROM in 2009, as copilot, and after that as pilot commander, instructor and examiner. At the same time, during 2012-2017 he was member of the management board of the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority. During 2019-2020 he was chief inspector on air operations.

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