TAROM, in discussions with Airbus and Boeing for fleet renewal

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TAROM, Romania’s flag carrier, holds talks with Boeing and Airbus aircraft manufacturers for fleet renewal, as well as on the recovery of two Airbus A310 removed from the national airline fleet, Transport Minister Sorin Buse stated in an interview for agerpres.ro

He pointed out that the two scrapped Airbus A310 can not be used at freight transport, because the landing gears have a high degree of wear and their repair costs would be very high.

In this case, there are four options: to be included in a deal with those that will deliver the new planes; to be sold to countries in Africa or Arabia, to be sold to brokers, sold on pieces as parts.

There were several incidents of TAROM lately, especially due to technical failure. Last Airbus A310 from the fleet of TAROM national air carrier named Transilvania, made its last flight on October 29, on the Madrid-Bucharest route. On September 12 this year was withdrawn from service another Airbus A310, bought in 1992.

A310 aircraft can reach speeds of 880 km/h, a cruising altitude of 11,000 meters and a maximum cruise range of 8,050 km.

TAROM has a fleet of 21 aircrafts from three different brands, Airbus, ATR and Boeing, with an average age of over 15 years, a situation which significantly increases the cost of maintenance and operation.

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