Tarom to provide direct flights to US, China by year-end, Transports Minister reiterates

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Transports Minister, Razvan Cuc discussed with Ilan Laufer, Minister for Business Environment, Trade and Entrepreneurship about the reopening of direct flights to the US and China which will be an impetus for Romania’s investments.

direct flights
Transports Minister, Razvan Cuc (L) and Ilan Laufer (R), Minister for Business Environment

“I have agreed, together with my colleague, that these investments in infrastructure will draw the foreign companies to our country, and not only from the European Union, but also from the non-EU countries. I wish a solid economy, and the reopening of the long-haul Tarom flights Romania-US and Romania-China will boost investments in our country,” Cuc stated on his Facebook page.

According to the ministers, Romania shall have direct flights to the two continents by this year-end.

At the same time, the talks between Cuc and Laufer focused on the preparations for the ‘Trade Winds 2017’ Summit to be held this October in Bucharest, where over 150 US top companies interested in investing in Romania will attend.

At end-May, two newly Boeing 737-800 – named Sarmizegetusa and Great Union – entered the fleet of Romania’s flag carrier Tarom.

“With these two aircrafts, Tarom’s transport capacity will practically increase by over 20 percent. Discussions are already in progress to buy long courier aircrafts and the company is already working on obtaining the slots to re-open the routes with USA and China,” the Transport minister stated that moment.

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