Tarom to start the ‘harmonization’ fleet process

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Airbus A310 aircrafts will be withdrawn from Tarom’s commercial service until October, at the latest in November 2016.

“We want to replace them with two, maybe even three Airbus A320 or Boeing 737-800 (the two options are analyzed in parallel). Now we are in talks with leasing companies for short-term rental of the future planes. We still do not know if we will sell both A310 or just one, the second is going to be sent to the government. The executive representatives have not yet taken a decision,” Christian Heinzmann, CEO Tarom, stated, aeronews.ro informs.

According to him, at this moment A310s are priorities.

The two A310 of Romanian air carrier offer 20 seats for business class and 189 in the economy.

“We are looking to get more new planes for Tarom’s next fleet. Taking completely new planes is excluded because there are no slots,” Heinzmann explained.

On the other hand, Romanian air carrier do not exclude the presence of two Airbus A330 in company’s fleet also for short-term operating lease. If everything goes according to plan, the new long-haul aircrafts are coming early next year.

“Our goal for 2017 is Tarom fleet harmonization. The ideal case would be to operate flights with aircrafts from one manufacturer”, CEO Tarom added, saying that for reviving the fleet and the company, implicitly, the company has to work on a solid foundation, to have a framework that allows this.

“I refer to the many political changes in recent years, changes that have hampered the implementation of measures related to fleet, new destinations,” Heinzmann pointed out.

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