TAROM’s new aircraft generated USD 1.1 M profit, minister Cuc says

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The two new Boeing 737s – The Great Union and Sarmizegetusa – acquired by Romania’s flag carrier TAROM this year and put into operation in June have already generated a profit of nearly USD 1.1 million, the Minister of Transport, Razvan Cuc stated in Parliament.

With low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs, the two new aircraft will cover over time the losses caused by previous commercial decisions, such as the removal from use of the two Airbus A310s without replacing them immediately.

”This year’s business decisions generated a gradual increase in the number of carried passengers per month up to a plus of 4 percent in August 2017 compared to August 2016. This result is not enough, but it is a step towards normality,” Cuc said in response to PNL and USR accusations launched within the simple motion entitled “Romania’s transport infrastructure under the control of PSD interests. Disillusion, demagogy and discouragement”.

Moreover, minister Cuc assured that he has a concrete recovery plan for the company, and the effects of the current TAROM team’s commercial policies will be visible starting the 2017-2018 winter season.

He stressed that the 2016 commercial decisions imposed for 2017 caused TAROM losses of about RON 75 million in the first three months of this year.

”We’re trying to save the company, we’re also interested in buying long-haul aircraft and reopen important routes like China, Canada, or the US. The year 2017 is the ’T zero’ moment of the company,” Cuc said.

He added that TAROM employees, who could be laid off, will not receive 18 compensatory salaries, but around eight salaries under the new Collective Labor Agreement. Cuc also said that the new interim director of the airline for 30 days is Daniela Dragne, after Florin Susanu gave up his mandate.


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