Tarom’s restructuring is imminent


Although Tarom reported diminished losses, the restructuring process of the company is needed.

“It will require an analysis – I did more tests with the Board of Directors and with the operative management of the company, I also discussed with the unions. We are in the situation in which on December 31, the financial results will be those that will support a very clear position of the ministry, as the owner, in relation with this company,” Minister of Transports, Ioan Rus said in a press conference.

According to him, the airline company does not benefit from “happiest” management, part of the trade unions “are opposite to a good evolution of the company “.

According to Rus, this year Tarom had revenues from air transport services higher by 5 percent, carried 1.7 million passengers (+ 3 percent) and the number of flights in 2014 will be 4 percent higher than in 2013.

On the other hand, the negotiations with Russia on overflight permission for Tarom flights from Bucharest to Beijing, scheduled for mid-November, were postponed by the authorities in Moscow for January. The Minister reminded that the memorandum to resume flights is signed both by Romania and China. Tarom dropped on Bucharest-Beijing flight in 2003 for economic reasons.

Granting the right of overflight became a problem after the conflict in Ukraine, which generated tensions between Russia and Western countries.

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