Telekom Romania launches a new initiative for education, in partnership with SuperTeach

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Telekom Romania, together with its partner, SuperTeach, connects education to technology by developing a strong community, in which teachers will have access to the most valuable educational resources of the moment: webinars and workshops, online courses, conferences and trainings on various topics of interest, dedicated to their professional development. Both Telekom Romania and SuperTeach mission is to mobilize the teachers communities with an open mentality and to prepare them from a digital point of view for an educational system adapted to the new normality.

Amid pandemic, to support the continuity of the educational process, Telekom Romania offered to schools, teachers, students and parents the SmartEdu package, with 100% discount on unlimited 4G internet and access licenses in the digital platform, offered through partnership with Adservio.

The educational system needs long-term strategic solutions, to facilitate the continuous training of teachers and access to technology for all involved stakeholders (teachers, parents, children).

According to a study conducted by SuperTeach, 76% of teachers said they had not received any help from schools and authorities in online teaching.

Teachers need support to be able to adapt their teaching methods to the new normal, they need to be part of a strong community, open to innovation and interactivity.

As a natural response to current needs, Telekom Romania, together with its partner, SuperTeach, are launching a new initiative aimed to improve this system, by creating a digital platform.

The partnership is based on building a strong community, in which teachers identify together solutions that contribute to a high-performance and efficient education, through access to numerous educational resources: webinars and workshops, online courses and conferences and trainings on various topics of interest, dedicated to their professional development, organized together with Telekom partners.

SuperTeach is a project initiated by entrepreneurs to support teachers and the pre-university education system, which mobilizes teachers for a new style of education for Romanian students, since they are the main point in the evolution of education in Romania. They are the ones who have the power to transform the Romanian educational system from within, helping tomorrow’s generations to maximize their potential and create a better society. The mentality of the teacher changes the mentality of the students, and through them, the future of Romania changes.

The mission of Telekom and SuperTeach is to work together to mobilize open-minded teacher communities and prepare them digitally for an educational system adapted to the new normal. A system in which teachers have easy access to teaching resources, support each other and constantly work to form future creative, empathetic, collaborative generations, with students prepared for the challenges of the future.

In the current context, it is necessary for both civil society and companies to join forces to build a better future for education, for an education system completely adapted to today’s reality,” says a Telekom press release.

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