Telekom Romania launches new offers: Smart TV Stick, 50% discount on mobile subscription and smartphones in installments

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Amid the COVID-19 crisis, when people and mostly working from home due to the lockdown and isolation rules, Telekom Romania is coming up with new commercial offers and services on the local marker to meet the Romanians’ connectivity and entertainment needs.

According to the results of a national study, representative for digital population, conducted by ISRA Center for Telekom Romania, carried out between February and April 2020:

  • 86% of Romanians want a television service without installing additional cables in the house and without making holes in the walls.
  • 83% want a simple service to configure, which they can install on their own, without the help of a technician.
  • 78% want to turn their flat screen TV into a Smart TV, which can connect to the Internet.

Over 70% of them have at least two TVs in their homes, and over 60% of them are flat screen and only 20% are smart.  Starting from the wishes of the Romanians and taking into account the fact that during this period the number of hours spent in front of the TV has doubled, reaching seven hours a day, on average, according to the TV measurements made by Kantar Media, Telekom Romania is launching the Smart TV Stick offer.

The Smart TV Stick offer includes access at least 47 up to 70 online TV channels from all genres (news, sports, music, movies), available through the Telekom TV platform and Google Chromecast, which allows users to stream the content of smartphone applications directly on the TV screen. Thus, with Smart TV Stick offer, Romanians can enjoy a television subscription, without the help of a technician for installation, without the need for additional cables or holes in the walls and at the same time, have the opportunity to turn their flat screen TV into a Smart TV, with Internet access.

The Google Chromecast device takes the content of the TV channels included in the Smart TV Stick offer or in the compatible phone applications, such as HBO GO, Spotify or YouTube, and plays it on the TV, with a single click, through the “cast” function. To use the Chromecast you need an HDMI TV connection, fibre optic internet and an active Google account required to initialize the device, plus active accounts on your favourite streaming applications (e.g. HBO GO, Telekom TV, and Spotify). Also, the device plays your favourite TV pictures, videos, or songs on your mobile phone. It can be used on any type of TV that meets the conditions mentioned above.

The Smart TV Stick offer is available starting today, 6 April, at two price points: at 2 euros / month (approx. 10 lei), with 47 channels included and the TV stick included and at 5 euros / month (approx. 24 lei), with 71 channels included, for 24 months. The Chromecast device is rented with 100% discount for the entire period of the contract.

In addition, customers who subscribe from 6 April to 17 May on a television service from Telekom receive a 50% discount for 6 months for the subscription, HBO and HBO GO included 12 months and the Smart TV Stick offer, free of charge and benefit from the free home delivery of your Google Chromecast.

Andreas Elsner, Commercial Executive Director, Residential Segment, Telekom Romania, said that the Smart TV Stick has been launched not only in Romania, but also in other countries where the group is present, but only the customers in Romania will find the cheapest prices for these services. “The COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated our decision to launch the service in Romania, meaning the Smart TV stick has been launched on the local market 8-10 weeks earlier than scheduled”, Elsner revealed.

The Telekom official also stated that the group plans to sell around 2,000-3,000 sticks per month in Romania, while expecting 25,000-35,000 subscribers.

“Our analysis showed that there are over million Romanians who own a flat screen which is not smart TV, so the potential is huge”, Elsner argued.

Customers can order the Smart TV Stick offer at Telekom stores at 1930 or

50% discount for port-ins and smartphones in installments

At the same time, Telekom Romania has extended the commercial offers launched in early 2020 for those who will port-in to the Telekom Romania network, starting today, April 6, 2020, until May 17, 2020.

Residential customers will be able to purchase the Mobile 6 subscription, available at port-in, with 50% discount in the first 12 months and will only pay 3 euros / month (approximately 15 lei / month) during this period for unlimited benefits: 4G unlimited internet, minutes and national SMSs unlimited. After the 12 months, the cost will be 6 euros / month (approx. 29 lei/month).

Also, those who will port-in to the Telekom Romania mobile network will be able to opt for the purchase of a mobile phone in installments, without interest and without advance payment. Customers who will choose to purchase the Huawei P40 Lite E along with the Mobile 6 subscription will only pay 9 euros / month (less than 45 lei) in the first 12 months of porting: 3 euros / month (14 lei/month) for mobile services and 6 euros / month (approx. 29 lei/month), the rate for the purchased phone. Customers can opt for a Samsung Galaxy A40 phone together with the Mobile 6 subscription and will only pay only 10 euros / month (less than 50 lei) in the first 12 months after porting in: 3 euros / month for mobile services (less than 15 lei/month) and 7 euros / month (approximately 35 lei/month), which represents the rate for the mobile phone.

“We are going through a period of unprecedented challenges, which determines us to experience new ways of interaction and communication. Technology, in addition to the fact that it has transformed the evolution of society in a significant way, is now meant to bring us closer to our loved ones. Through the new commercial offers we are launching today, we want to offer even more benefits to our customers, whether we are talking about more quality TV content for parents and educational for the little ones, now accessible from the smartphone directly on the TV, via Smart TV Stick, from the mobile subscription with a significant discount or phones at affordable prices”, said Andreas Elsner, Commercial Executive Director, Residential Segment, Telekom Romania in a premiere press conference held on Zoom platform while he was in Vienna.

More details from Andreas Elsner about the benefits offered to customers here.

The offers are available for individuals between April 6 – May 17, 2020, in the case of contracts concluded for a period of 24 months, and are addressed to residential customers who are on the mobile network of the company and who have a fixed service from Telekom Romania. The instalments are in lei, and the value in euros is an estimative one considering the exchange rate of 4.94 lei / 1 euro.

Solutions dedicated to business continuity

At the same time, in order to support the entrepreneurs with the best solutions dedicated to business continuity, the business customers that will choose to move to the Telekom mobile network, from April 6 to May 17, 2020, and who opt for the Freedom 5 subscription, will benefit from unlimited 4G internet, unlimited minutes and SMS, with 50% discount on the cost of the subscription in the first 12 months. Also, the entrepreneurs can enjoy advantages prices at Samsung Galaxy A40 smartphone in installments or the Huawei P40 Lite E. They can purchase the smartphones in installments together with the Freedom 5 subscription, and will pay in total, in the first year, only 10 euros / month (approx. 49 lei, VAT not included) and 9 euros / month respectively – 44,5 lei (VAT not included), representing the price for the Freedom 5 plus mobile phone subscription.

More details about the offers through which Telekom supports entrepreneurs for business continuity are available at 1921 or at The installments are in lei, and the value in euros is an estimative one considering the exchange rate of 4.94 lei / 1 euro.

These offers represent the continuation of the measures by which Telekom Romania has responded to the connectivity needs of the Romanians in the new social and economic context and has offered its clients multiple individuals and companies multiple benefits. Of these, we mention the access of the customers who own the TV package M TV to the maximum channel grid, respectively the TV L subscription, without additional costs or obligations, until April 30, 2020, respectively the television service, for new customers, with a 50% discount subscription for a period of 6 months, plus HBO and HBO GO included, for 12 months and last but not least the support of digital education, through packages specially developed for educational institutions, which Telekom offers free until the end of the year 4G internet and licenses in the educational management platform Adservio.

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