Telekom Romania launches the chatbot ANA, to offer HR support to employees

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Telekom Romania announces the launch of the chatbot ANA, a virtual assistant that has the role of automating the management flows of internal human resources activities and providing “self-service” support for employees. The chatbot was implemented by Future WorkForce, a company specialized in business process automation, and is based on DRUID technology, which develops virtual assistants (chatbots) for Enterprise organizations.

ANA is developed and trained, therefore, on DRUID conversational technology, is accessible through the company’s Intranet platform and integrates with the internal human resources applications but also with the already operational software robots developed using the UiPath end-to-end automation platform. Thus, the chatbot helps to approve the leave requests and takes from Telekom Romania employees specific HR requests, such as medical or employee certificates, displays the available leave days and updates their personal data using optical character recognition (OCR) technology. At the same time, through the connection between ANA and the robots developed with UiPath technology, managers have access to a set of standard reports, quickly obtaining centralized information about employees and the team.

ANA also includes a FAQ-type functionality for automatic answers to general human resources questions, which will be perfected and expanded over time, as the chatbot learns from its direct interactions with users.

“As one of the technology leaders in the local market, we wanted to offer the same modern digital experience, which we make available to customers through the virtual assistant Tim, also to our employees. Collaborating with Future WorkForce has allowed us to simplify and, at the same time, streamline the interaction process with the HR department. ANA continues the promise of digitization and helps us to significantly reduce the processes that involve routine activity, and the results obtained in the testing phase, over 200 uses, show us that employees are eager to enter into conversation with the newest member of the Telekom HR team”, said Carmen Dumitrache, Chief Human Resources Officer at Telekom Romania.

“We are happy to be at the second implementation for Telekom Romania, after the one last autumn, and we hope that ANA will soon become the virtual colleague that the whole team uses for quick HR information. The main advantage of a virtual assistant is the speed and simplicity it brings in interacting with any audience relevant to a company, as well as its availability at any time of the day or week”, added Mihaela Moisa, co-founder of Future WorkForce.

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