Telekom Romania launches the Telekonomy platform

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89% of the respondents of a survey conducted by Telekom in Romania always look for a price as low as possible when it comes to picking the telecommunications services. The “Telco usage & attitudes during Covid19” survey was carried out by ISRA Centre for Telekom Romania during 8-12 May, on a national representative sample of 1010 users of telecom services.

The survey also revealed that 82% of the respondents prefer to buy products and services under renowned brands and 91% indicated they would try a new brand which they haven’t used, if there’s a very appealing offer at stake. Finally, and the most important result of the survey, 92% said they would like to save more on their telecommunications bills.

With these in mind, Telekom Romania has announced the launch of the TELEKONOMY platform – CUT ONLY THE COSTS, NOT THE BENEFITS, which includes smart offers for quality products and services that meet the consumption needs of Romanians:

  • Starting today, residential persons porting their numbers to Telekom’s mobile network can benefit from Mobil 6 subscription, with 4G unlimited internet, minutes and national SMSs, with 50% discounted price in the first 12 months, for which they will pay 3 euros/month (approximately 15 lei/month), VAT included. After the 12 months, the cost will be 6 euros/month (approximately 30 lei/month), VAT included.
  • Also, people who will port their number to Telekom’s mobile network will be able to opt for the purchase of a mobile phone in installments, without interest and without advance. Those who choose a Samsung Galaxy A20e phone together with the Mobil 6 subscription will pay only 8 euros/month (approximately 40 lei/month), VAT included, in the first 12 months of porting: 3 euros/month for mobile telephony services and 5 euros/month for phone in instalment. Those who will choose the Huawei P40 Lite E phone together with the Mobil 6 subscription will pay only 9 euros/month (about 45 lei/month), VAT included, in the first 12 months of porting: 3 euros/month for the subscription and 6 euros/month for purchased phone.

The offers are available between June 3 – July 31, 2020, in the case of contracts concluded for a period of 24 months, and are addressed to residential customers who will port in their number to Telekom’s mobile network and who have a fixed service from Telekom Romania.

Smart WiFi and Mobil Nelimitat products have received consumers’ recognition during the 11th edition of the “Voted Product of the Year®” Romania competition, which designated its winners for 2020. Smart WiFi was declared the winner in the category Internet Wireless, and Mobil Nelimitat within the Mobile Telephony Services category, being evaluated by consumers from the perspective of attractiveness, innovation and purchase intention.

  • Those seeking to improve their TV experience can buy also the new Smart TV Stick on a subscription with 50% discount for 3 months, thus at only 1,5 euros/month (approximately 7,5 lei/month), VAT included and free delivery. The offer is available until 30.06.2020, with the possibility of extension, for a minimum contractual period of 24 months. Thus, Romanians can easily and quickly enjoy an online television subscription, with up to 71 channels, without the need for a technician for installation, or additional holes and cables through the house. At the same time, they have the opportunity to turn their regular flat screen TV into a smart TV, to see the entire internet on TV.

Telekom has also prepared for the Romanians a three-hour online festival – Telekonomy Summer Fest, a new premiere among telecommunications operators, through which it will continue to offer entertainment moments directly in their homes. The festival will be broadcast live on Telekom Romania’s Facebook page on June 4, 2020, starting with 6 PM and will include cooking, fashion, beauty, stand-up and concert moments, with concrete tips on how to save money in a smart way.

“We all witnessed the development of the situation following the lockdown and the authorities’ announcements about the economy and jobs and we believe that Romanians adapt their spending habits to cope with the new socio-economic conditions. As a responsible company, after keeping Romania connected, we adopted the Telekonomy platform and this integrated approach, show and festival, for helping the consumers save on their bills while keeping the benefits. This is not sparing small change, but rather an example that everybody can save in a smart way without depriving themselves from the small pleasures of life. Telekom Romania believes it is the time to adopt good financial habits and in the same time services matching the needs of the Romanians”, said Andreas Elsner, Commercial Executive Director, Residential Segment, Telekom Romania.

This offer with 50% discounted price for one year on the Mobil 6 tariff plan, part of the Telekonomy platform, is designed to help Romanians who want to make savings, according to the ISRA Centre survey. Therefore, 80% of the respondents said they will have to cut expenditures from some to a large extent in the next horizon of time and 85% would give up major investments, although planned, like new car of home refurbishing.

“80% of Romanians who ported to Telekom say they get a better price for the benefits they received, which means that the 50% discount on the offers included in the Telekonomy platform is more than useful in the coming time, as Romanians have less money, save less to nothing and they are worried about their financial situation in the next 2-3 months”, explained Andreas Elsner.

According to the ISRA Centre survey, 56% of the respondents declared that their household income decreased during pandemic, due to salary cuts (33.5% of the respondents), job loss (22%), and technical unemployment (36%). The offers launched today by Telekom Romania are tailored to meet the communication and entertainment needs, in accordance with the financial status of most Romanians.

Telekom also comes with the promise of Telekonomy to meet the needs of the Romanian entrepreneurs, to whom it makes the same proposal: CUT ONLY THE COSTS, NOT THE BENEFITS.

Following the studies conducted among new customers, 80% of the Romanian entrepreneurs ported to Telekom say they get a better value for money than before. Therefore, entrepreneurs who choose to port-in to the Telekom network until July 31, 2020, opting for the Freedom 5 subscription, will benefit from 4G internet, minutes and national SMSes, all unlimited, with 50% discount on the cost of the subscription in the first 12 months. Also the entrepreneurs who will buy the Galaxy A20e or Huawei P40 Lite E in installments, together with the Freedom 5 subscription, will pay in total in the first year only 8 euros/month, respectively 9 euros/month (prices without VAT), for subscription plus telephone.

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