Telekom Romania launches tool through which companies can keep all the applications in one place

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Tools designed to increase efficiency in the workplace can have the opposite effect when logging in, checking and using repeatedly. But with OneDock, the application developed by Telekom, companies can bring together all the applications they use in one place. Thus, each user will benefit from instant access, a faster reaction speed and an interface organized and customized according to his needs.

Telekom Romania has integrated into OneDock almost 40 applications made in-house or with the help of partners, such as Interactions, and it is already used internally by the company’s employees. All this apps complete the catalog of 140 applications available by default at a single click away.

The main benefits that OneDock brings to employees are the ability to organize their interface with all the applications they need in one place for a great visibility, a local Password Manager, without capturing the password in cloud, and the OneSearch function, which allows searching in all the applications that the user has chosen to install. In addition, the OneDashboard feature allows the view of multiple applications on a single screen.

“OneDock is a desktop application that simplifies the use of technology and increases the level of performance in any context, even when working from home. OneDock aims to gather under the umbrella of the same platform all the applications used by a business. In order to increase their competitiveness, it is necessary for telecommunications brands to think more like software companies. And we took the first step with OneDock, developed entirely internally and connected to the needs of our target audience”, said Alexandru Isbășoiu, OneDock Business Development Manager within the Telekom group.

“An application is useful as it can keep up with market requirements. That’s why, in the promotion and maintenance of OneDock, the desktop application developed by Telekom, we always try to be one step ahead. The mission of Interactions is to constantly monitor the context and ensure that this tool reaches its target audience. At the moment, we are closely following the trend of digital transformation and we want to contribute to the success of this application that significantly helps a business in the transition imposed by this context. We are convinced that OneDock is the right choice”, adds Marius Palcă, Account Manager at Interactions.

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