Telekom Romania to digitize all its processes

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Telekom Romania launches new digital features, thus automating all the processes that customers can perform on the company’s website

Starting today, those interested can port into the Telekom Romania’s network 100% digital, regardless of whether they have a SIM card or a mobile subscription. The process is performed in three simple steps and lasts an average of five minutes, and customers have two options: porting to a subscription from the Telekom Romania’s portfolio or porting together with the purchase of a smartphone from the offer available online.

Also, customers can now renew their mobile subscription in the online store, using the MyAccount account. They can choose the subscription that best meets their needs in the field of telecommunications, to which they can add a mobile phone, for a down payment starting with 1 leu.

Both in the case of porting and renewing the subscription together with the purchase of a smartphone, the contractual period for the mobile subscription is 24 months, and the device can be paid in full or in equal monthly instalments, in the same time frame. The delivery fee is standard, of 3.57 euros (VAT included), calculated at the exchange rate of the euro from the month of issuing the invoice.

“Digitization and customer orientation are some of the most important pillars of the company. The steps we have taken in recent years have been to simplify processes and to give our subscribers the opportunity to perform online as many operations as possible. We are happy to announce that through the latest futures implemented on the Telekom Romania’s website, porting into the company’s network and the renewal of the mobile subscription, we offer a 100% digital and secure experience to our customers. They have at their disposal online all the information they need and can perform digitally, from the comfort of their own home, all the operations required to purchase products and services from the company’s portfolio. We will continue to digitize and become an agile company, in order to best meet the needs of the modern consumer”, said Gabriel Trăistaru, Digitalization Director at Telekom Romania.

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