Telekom Romania to present smart mobility and smart education solutions at the Internet & Mobile World 2018 edition

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Telekom Romania is the main partner of the Internet & Mobile World for the 7th year in a row, an event which will be held on the 3rd and 4th of October at Romexpo. This year, Telekom Romania will present several smart mobility and smart education solutions in the exhibition area of the event dedicated to technology, which will last for two days. All these solutions are in line with the view of Deutsche Telekom, regarding technological innovation and their role is to increase the digitalization level of the national economy.

An intelligent solution for public transport management, another one for electric vehicle charging and an integrated bike sharing solution are the three smart mobility solutions that the visitors of the exhibition will have the opportunity to find out more details about at Telekom Romania stand box. The electronic grade register and the interactive board will also be among the solutions presented this year under the smart education umbrella.

Miroslav Majoros, CEO Telekom Romania, will be present at the event and will reveal the company’s strategy to support the development  of the Romanian economy through technology and digitalization.

Telekom’s public transport management solution contributes to the optimization of public transport quality and to the improvement of the travelers’ experience. Through this solution, the municipalities can plan the activity of all the vehicles in the network easier and have real time access to information about the itinerary and the  state of the vehicles. This information helps them improve the maintenance of the car park , optimize the ticket sales, manage the unexpected situations that occur on the vehicles’ routes easier, improve the traffic hours based on the number of passengers and manage the traffic lights more efficiently. The benefits for the citizens consist in the improvement of the general public transport experience, and  waiting time slash.

Supporting the need to increase mobility efficiency in crowded urban areas and the need to reduce the impact of transport on the environment, by using a means of transport that does not generate pollution, such as the bicycle, Telekom has launched an intelligent bike sharing solution. Created with the purpose to support the owners of bikes for rent, the solution implemented in bike sharing stations, includes an intelligent renting terminal where the cost of the ride can be paid, a station with electromagnetic blocking system and an energy charging system. With the help of an app, built to facilitate the communication of information related to bike renting, the users are guided to find the bike sharing stations, unlock the bikes and park them throughout the ride as well as at the end of the ride.

At Internet & Mobile World 2018, Telekom Romania will present an intelligent electric vehicle charging solution, built to support the electric charging services providers, parking lot owners and electric vehicle drivers, facilitating the access to charging points. Via an ITC platform hosted in the cloud and installed on the charging infrastructure, the car drivers have access to an international network of more than 10,000 of charging points and can find out in real time information about the availability of the network, book space for vehicle charging and pay for the service.

One of the needs signaled by the Romanian educational system, the digitalization, is supported by Telekom Romania through smart education solutions. The electronic catalogue contributes to the improvement of the educational process, elimination of the bureaucratic actions and increase of the interaction between pupils, parents and teachers. The solution is part of an educational integrated package, created by Telekom Romania for schools that includes a tablet and internet connectivity as well as access to the educational management platform Adservio. Through this package the pupils, parents and teachers have permanent access to the subjects taught at school, homework, grades, number of days of absence and can communicate at any time on educational subjects.

Meeting the permanent need for interactivity and modernization of the teaching and presentation techniques, Telekom Romania has created a set of intuitive instruments integrated in a software dedicated to the educational environment, called the interactive board. The solution encourages communication, argumentation and debates during the learning process and increases the attractiveness of the presented content. The interactive board includes the touchscreen interface with rapid response time, software in Romanian, multi subject applications, adapted to the Romanian educational curriculum and advanced functions for lesson recording, saving and re-accessing.

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