The construction works for Renault Romania’s new HQ are under way


The works for the future Renault Romania HQ building in Bucharest have begun. The symbolic moment of breaking the ground was marked on Monday by Yves Caracatzanis, Managing Director Groupe Renault Romania, Cécile de Guillebon, Global Alliance Facility Director, Dimitris Raptis, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, Globalworth, and by Gabriel Mutu, Mayor District 6 Bucharest.

”Renault Bucharest Connected (RBC) is more than a real estate project, it is a management project that contributes to the improvement of our staff’s working conditions and to our efficiency. It also meets our employees’ expectations.

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The ’Renault Bucharest Connected’ title for Groupe Renault Romania’s new headquarters was chosen by our employees, following a brain storming process. Renault is Renault, Romania – because we are proud of Technical Center Titu this city, Connected – because this means future,” Caracatzanis stated.

According to him, 3,000 workstations will be on a single site to better work together, Renault Bucharest teams being currently split on several sites. On development completion (expected in Q1 2019), Groupe Renault will occupy the entire development spanning over 47,000 sqm for a minimum term of 11 years.

”The offices will be built and organized to meet modern standards, access to training and information in rooms equipped to cater will be provided, as well as to a showroom so that they can discover the vehicles for which they work. Thus, they will contribute to the company’s global performance. This approach is incorporated in the Group’s strategy”, Managing Director Groupe Renault Romania also said.

Yves Caracatzanis, Managing Director Groupe Renault Romania and Anica Muntean, Project Director Groupe Renault Romania preparing the time capsule

Groupe Renault’s new headquarters will be strategically located, in western Bucharest, on 3G Preciziei street, close to the means of public transit (metro, bus), but also to the highway to other Groupe Renault Romania sites: the Technical Center Titu and the Mioveni plants, thus facilitating employees’ mobility to and from the workplace.

RBC will be developed by Elgan Offices SRL, a company equally owned by Globalworth and the Elgan Group (represented by Simon Roth).

According to Dimitris Raptis, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Globalworth, moving all the Bucharest teams of Groupe Renault Romania on a single site is the biggest leasing transaction on the office real estate market in Romania and the first investment that Globalworth does in the Western part of Bucharest.

”I am thrilled that we have managed to conclude this transaction. Out of several reasons. First, it consolidates our position as leader on the market of office buildings in Romania. Then, Groupe Renault will become our biggest lessee and it is an honor for us to host the biggest and most influential corporation in Romania. Last, but not least, it confirms our strategy of investing in premium buildings, with high standards of quality, energetically efficient and with a low footprint on the environment,” Dimitris Raptis added.

He reiterated this is the largest leasing transaction ever recorded on the Bucharest office market.

The RBC site, ground floor + 7 floors, shall be built on a 47,000 sqm area (40,000 sqm first building, and 7,000 sqm – the second building), and will belong to the class A category of buildings. They will follow the high standards that this category of building implies. RBC shall be equipped with a showroom for the Groupe Renault Cars, a 1,000-car capacity parking lot, a 350-seat auditorium (for both in house and external events), restaurant, doctor’s practice, IT infrastructure.  

It is for the first time since the arrival of Groupe Renault in Romania that the company brings together all its Bucharest teams and activities (design, engineering, business services, sales and support functions), on a single site.

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