The demand for furnishing apartments for rent increased by 30%

Romanians abroad, the most interested in interior design services


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More and more homeowners request turnkey interior design services and prefer not to be present on the construction site, investing from 30,000 euros to over 100,000 euros in furnishing their rental or vacation properties. Thus, the demand for turnkey interior design services is growing rapidly, being 30% higher this year compared to 2022, according to data from an architecture and interior design company in Romania.

More than 40% of the applicants are Romanians settled abroad in all corners of the world, from New York, to the Middle East, to Europe, who arrange apartments for rent or holiday homes in the country. An important part of the requests for turnkey fittings also comes from beneficiaries who live in Romania, in other localities than the property for which they request interior design services, but who do not have the time and desire to manage such a project.

“Home furnishing is a continuously growing trend, being a safe and effective long-term investment. The increase in interest rates and property prices in recent years is fueling the demand in the rental market, and at the same time, the demand for furnishing homes to be rented out is also increasing. At the same time, tenants’ expectations have become quite refined, they are looking for properties that offer them comfort and a pleasant environment, not just a living space. Approximately 35% of all interior design projects are turnkey, so a significant and continuously growing segment. This type of arrangement means that we take care of everything from coordination, implementation, orders, deliveries, decoration, down to the smallest detail, including photo shoots for images that will later be used to promote the rental property”, explains Sorana Leru, co-founder and interior architect at MiSo Architects.

The most sought-after homes for rent and investments in their development

In most cases, the properties set up for rent are studios, 2-3 room apartments, duplexes, or houses with terraces and courtyards. The most sought-after homes for rent are those centrally located in the city, those near an intermodal hub, or those isolated in nature. For example, in Bucharest, the preferred areas for rent are the north side (Sos. Nordului, Bld. Expoziții, Aviației) and the center of the city (Timpuri Noi, Piața Unirii, Pța. Alba Iulia).

The turnkey design of an apartment for rent can take between 3 and 8 months, depending on the stage at which the space is taken over and the complexity of the desired design. The costs of fitting out start from 30,000 euros and often exceed 100,000 euros depending on the complexity of the design, the profile of the desired tenants, and implicitly the amount of the targeted rent.

“For example, a studio in Brașov, of 50 sqm, with a design project of 30,000 euros can be rented for 600 euros per month, and a 3-room apartment in the Herastrau area of ​​Bucharest, of 100 sqm, with an investment of 80,000 euro in development can be rented for over 1,500 euro/month. In all cases, an optimally done arrangement increases the value of the property and will guarantee an efficient investment. Therefore, the higher the investment in a home, the higher the rent value can be. Apartments for rent represent a special typology in our facilities, to which we relate differently from several points of view, both we and the beneficiary. The final result is evaluated not only aesthetically, but also taking into account the return on investment”, points out Mihaela Tampiza, co-founder of the same company.

At the time of taking over an apartment from the developer, it was finished “in white”, with the sanitary units and bathrooms finished, the walls painted white and the parquet installed. On the other hand, in addition to the furniture and household items needed to live in that space, many elements are missing for the home to be truly functional: complete electrical installation (too few sockets and lighting sources), ventilation system (AC) or storage spaces. In these cases, architects and interior designers complete the home through an extensive process of re-compartmentalizing the spaces and arranging them so that the home is truly functional.

In addition to the functionality offered to the home, personality is given to the spaces through the application of accent finishes that will personalize it. In rental apartments, these details, if well placed, make the difference.

In the last 2-3 years, the interest in a more attractive and functional design has grown considerably. Romanians are open to bold proposals, they understand the value and benefit from the investment, and they are increasingly focused on the quality of both services and products. And in the case of properties for rent, customers are more demanding, more attentive to details, almost like when they arrange their own home.

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