The Diverta bookstore chain files for insolvency

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The Diverta bookstore chain, the largest integrated retailer in the field of books, stationery and toys, has filed for insolvency, following the losses registered in the past pandemic year.

Accoridng to a analysis, the company through which the insolvency request was submitted and which operates the bookstore chain went last year from business of 64.3 million lei and a net profit of 63,474 lei, with 214 employees, to business of 38.9 million lei and losses of 10.7 million lei, with 156 employees. In the case of this company, the total debts increased from 33.2 million lei to 33.9 million lei.

The insolvency application was filed after several enforcement applications and payment orders were filed against the company by various suppliers.

If approved by the court, this will be the second insolvency of the bookstore chain, after the one in 2010, then triggered by the global financial crisis. Diverta came out of insolvency in 2013.

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