The first Cora Urban store certified


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The first Cora Urban Avangarde City store – a new concept that combines proximity with online, obtained SafeGuard certification this month, following an audit carried out by Bureau Veritas experts. Thus, Cora Urban managed to demonstrate one hundred percent compliance for the adoption of preventive measures against the new type of coronavirus.

The SafeGuard standard is a suite of solutions designed to meet the needs of all sectors of the economy as they are reopening. It addresses the risks specific to all places where people live and work, while training teams effectively on good hygiene practices and verifying the consistency of establishing and implementing protection measures.

The management team of Cora Urban Avangarde City store ordered the implementation of all measures in accordance with the recommendations of local and national public health authorities, in order to effectively prevent the spred of the new type of coronavirus.

The retail unit in Bucharest, part of the french-belgian group Louis Delhaize, fully complies with the safety procedures and the appropriate cleaning and disinfection protocols so that both the staff and the customers of the store are completely safe throught the operating hours.

“Shopping spaces are large, designed in an airy way to allow air to circulate properly, and the floors of the halls between product districts are properly signposted, reminding both employees and buyers of the obligation to comply with social distancing measures of at least 1,5 meters and wearing a protective mask. Moreover, in front of each cash register, plexiglass protection panels were fixed, to protect both customers and employees from a possible contamination. Cora Urban team is constantly considering the disinfection of all common areas, according to the official recommendations. In addition, medical devices are placed at the entrance of the store in order to everyone sanitize their hands.” Said Cristina Mihalcea – Cora’s Quality Manager

 “The mission of Bureau Veritas is, and has been for 200 years, to shape a world of trust. The Safe Guard label meets the demands of the new normality of the society in which we live, in terms of health, safety and hygiene. This service is part of our global initiative, Restart your Business with BV, a suite of solutions that ensures the safe resumption of activity in all areas of business.”, said also Alexandru Vidu, CEO of Bureau Veritas Romania.

The SafeGuard label given by Bureau Veritas covers all common areas of use, such as the area for cash registers, halls located between product districts, employee offices and toilets, fully applicable for whole commercial areas of 100 .

Bureau Veritas Romania is an operator on the market of audit services aimed at compliance with Covid-19 prevention rules and good practices. It has a portfolio of over 1000 already certified locations.

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