The five most sought-after IT jobs in Romania


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The most sought-after jobs in the IT industry in Romania are interface developer, software engineer, security specialist, big data analyst, and quality assurance specialist, according to, the largest online community of employees in Romania.

The average salaries related to the five most sought-after IT jobs in the platform are:

  • Interface developer: 7,520 lei;
  • Software engineer: 9,210 lei;
  • Security specialist: 7,360 lei;
  • Big data analyst: 5,200 lei;
  • Quality assurance specialist: 6,330 lei.

These data are part of a series of press releases through which will present monthly the most sought jobs and related salaries for the most important economic fields.

Information on salaries is collected through Salary Report, a complex tool, intended for HR specialists, launched by users communicate their salaries transparently and openly within the platform. All this salary information is analyzed by a team assisted by an artificial intelligence algorithm that excludes irrelevant data and extracts updated and accurate metrics: average salaries, median salaries, quartiles, percentiles, etc.

The salary Report also provides other additional data such as:

  • Top extra salary benefits received;
  • Salaries according to the level of experience: <2 years, 2-5 years, >5 years;
  • Salaries according to gender;
  • Salaries depending by location.

“The platform provides employees and employers with relevant information regarding jobs, salaries, benefits, etc. They gain an in-depth understanding of how the Romanian labor market works and can actively contribute to its evolution. Thus, we can be proud to fulfill an essential role in the labor market, as we bring our contribution to things working smoothly and to building a sustainable future“, says Costin Tudor, founder and CEO of

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