The influencer marketing industry will grow significantly at the local level in 2022 and 2023


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An analysis of the digital marketing industry conducted by the Romanian company ProductLead for 2021 shows that the segment of content creators is constantly growing in the Romanian market. ProductLead is the first Romanian company to enter the influencer marketing industry with an innovative SaaS (software as a service) platform; as a result, brands can generate convincing product experiences to sell faster and get closer to their customers.

Worldwide, the influencer marketing industry has been on an upward trend for several years. Thus, if in 2016 the global influencer marketing industry was valued at $ 1.7 billion, in 2022 the market is expected to reach the level of $ 15 billion.

Influencer marketing campaigns involve the collaboration between digital creators with strong communities and brands. Through digital content creators, the brand messages are conveyed in a personalized way over traditional advertising, and online audiences are inclined to search for original and genuine content and  engage in conversation with brands that inspire them.

Yana Stoica-Marcu, Influencer Marketing Manager ProductLead: ”If in the past years the influencer marketing campaigns were perceived as nice to have, now the brands are understanding their significance in the marketing mix. Brands ask more and more for out-of-the-box campaigns, and they are looking for nano and micro-influencers who create authentic content that can be repurposed in various digital touchpoints meant to add value for the consumers.

The data provided by ProductLead show that great steps have been made in the industry of digital content creators on the Romanian market. Over 1,000 influencers partnered with ProductLead in 2021, bringing together a total audience of 25M followers. The digital creators were delivering more than 30,000 pieces of original content, various forms: Instagram posts and stories, reels, videos, photo carousels.

Through their influencer marketing creative feature, ProductLead generated more than 140 campaigns in 2021, coming especially from the beauty, fashion, and FMCG industry.

ProductLead’s mission is to help brands communicate in an integrated way and build better digital experiences and genuine marketing to drive growth and sales.

Last year, 30 brands invested € 250,000 in influencer marketing campaigns conducted through the ProductLead platform and relied on effective communication, using automation based on artificial intelligence and context-based interaction.

According to ProductLead, in this digital landscape influencers seem the be a trustworthy source of information and inspiration, and to direct the way people are perceiving brands. The brand ambassadors easily create engaging and convincing content because they master the specifics of their niche, know their audiences, and already have an ongoing relationship with them.

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