The interest in emerging technologies on the rise in Romania, survey shows

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The demand for cyber security specialists and data analysts is growing, according to this year’s edition CIO Survey, conducted by Deloitte globally. In Romania, both local companies and service centers of major global corporations are competing for these two types of resources.

We consider this survey to be representative for Romanian companies, both for the subsidiaries of multinational entities, as well as for the main local organizations. We easily observe a growing interest in exploring emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) within IT teams,” said Andrei Ionescu, Deloitte Romania Risk Advisory Partner.

Among the main conclusions of the survey, there is the one that over one third of the respondents build their budgets in Euro, and almost half of them are based in Europe. At the same time, approximately 10% of the organizations surveyed differentiate themselves as being part of the digital avant-garde, organizations that mix a coherent digital strategy with the IT approach among market leaders.

Moreover, it seems that the Chief Information Officer (CIO) role is appreciated less for traditional values ​​such as solving complex problems or the ambition to succeed. Instead, the CIO is expected to deliver far-reaching organizational changes, with high-performing, results-oriented teams.

The survey also notes that digitization is perceived by almost all organizations as a strategic priority, even though its meaning is vague and may differ among organizations, while automation and process transformation, as well as customer experience, are the main points of interest in the digital area.

According to the quoted study, IT teams primarily seek motivated people to solve business problems through technology, to the detriment of specializing in a particular niche of technology.

The most requested values ​​are creativity, cognitive flexibility and emotional intelligence, while the major impact in the near future will be generated by cyber security, application service upgrades and cloud.

The targeted technologies include digitization, data analytics, as well as emerging technologies. The most watched emerging technologies are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Robotics Process Automation.

The survey was conducted between January and March 2018 in 71 countries, with the purpose of better understanding the impact of the role of CIO. The query included interviews and online surveys. 1,437 technology and business leaders from 23 industries participated.

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