Top ten Romanian exporters – nearly EUR 10bn in 2015

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The ten largest exporters in Romania account for 17% of the total exports, and the top 500 cover 74% of the exports of goods in 2015, reaching the amount of approx. EUR 55 billion, Ziarul Financiar reports.

Automobile Dacia, Rompetrol Rafinare and a branch of the Honeywell group were the three largest exporters of the local economy last year, the first two retaining their former positions, while the US producer has overcome the factory in Craiova controlled by Ford (on fourth place), according INS data.

The automotive sector dominates the top ten exporters, companies with exports amounting last year to EUR 9.7 billion.

Surprises of 2015 were the exit from top 10 top of two oil companies (OMV Petrom and Lukoil refinery) and the joining of the top ten by a cigarette manufacturer.

In addition to these changes of rankings, the German group Daimler AG’s climbing to the tenth position (against 85th position a year ago) is an example of how much it weighs a local investment of the magnitude of the one implemented in Sebes, Alba County.

The 500 largest exporters last year had a share of almost 75% in total external deliveries – i.e. EUR 40 billion. Besides these companies, 90% of them multinationals, there are about 21,500 companies exporting goods of about EUR 15 billion on foreign markets, which is the ‘territory’ of Romanian entrepreneurs.

Last year only six of the 500 companies have kept their positions, among them the largest exporters (Dacia, Rompetrol Rafinare), while 68 companies are new entrants in the rankings of major exporters.

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