Trades with used vehicles registered in Romania reached 1.1 million units in 2017

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The trades with second-hand cars registered in Romania reached 1.1 million units last year, while those with new cars exceeded 100,000 units, according to an analysis carried out by, using the Directorate for Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration (DRPCIV) data.

Compared with 2016, the used car market had reached 641,909 units.

”Last year, imported used cars market reached its highest level since statistics are, up 74 percent against 2016, to half a million units. The highest level of the market was reached in 2008, when 300,000 units were registered. On the other hand, the worst year for the second-hand cars market was 2011, when the total did not reach 100,000 units “, the analysis shows.

At the same time, the ” Scrappage (Rabla)” Program had a small impact on the car market in 2017, so less than a quarter of the market purchases were made through it.

On the other hand, subsidies for the purchase of electric cars have boosted this niche, and over the past year, 500 people have applied to buy such cars, compared to up to 50 cars per year, as recorded in previous periods.

In 2017, domestically-used car transactions (re-registrations) posted a record of over 496,000 units, up 99 percent compared to 2016 and exceeding the maximum in 2011 of 411,000 units.

As for the value of transactions recorded on the, it increased to EUR 600 million in 2017.


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