Transelectrica has to recover arrears of over RON 67 M. Oltenia EC, RCS & RDS – the biggest debtors


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Oltenia Energy Complex (EC) is Transelectrica’s biggest debtor for energy transportation, with a backlog of RON 6.4 million, while RCS & RDS has debts of RON 3.8 million, according to a document of the Romanian natural gas transport company, informs.

Overall, Transelectrica has to recover debts of RON 67.2 million, of which RON 50.1 million actual debts and RON 17.1 million penalties. In July, the companies owed a total of RON 54.9 million for energy transportation.

Transelectrica wants to recover commercially debts of RON 17.4 million. Oltenia EC ranks the first, with RON 6.4 million, followed by Transenergo Com – RON 5.3 million and RCS & RDS – RON 3.8 million.

At the same time, RON 15.6 million are debts of the energy companies under insolvency proceedings. Transelectrica notes that will recover these debts judicially. The biggest debt is owned by Petprod energy trader, RON 5.6 million respectively. It follows Energ with RON 5.05 million and CET Govora, with RON 1.8 million.

Transelectrica’s bankrupt clients accumulated debts of RON 15.4 million in the energy transportation tariffs account. The highest amount is owed by Autonomous Administration for Nuclear Activities (RON 5.9 million), Romenergy Industry (RON 3 million) and Total Electric Oltenia (RON 3.1 million).

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