Transgaz, FGSZ plan to launch Open Season Procedure for RoHu segment of BRHA

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Romanian and Hungarian gas grid operators, Transgaz and FGSZ respectively, plan to launch the Open Season Procedure for the Romania – Hungary (RoHu) segment of the Bulgaria – Romania – Hungary – Austria (BRHA/BRUA) gas pipeline project, a joint release of sent to the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) informs.

“FGSZ and Transgaz have received various inquiries and high level media interest regarding the revised RoHu version of the prior RoHuAt plan. We would like to thank all the comments received by market participants and declare that we still plan to launch the Open Season Procedure regarding RoHu segment of the project. FGSZ and Transgaz would like to underline their commitment in continuing the partnership in order to develop the bi-directional capacity on the Romanian-Hungarian border in two project phases that will ensure the gas transport based on the objectives of the BRHA/BRUA corridor,” the release reads.

Phase one shall provide 1.75 bcma firm bi-directional capacity on the border of Romania-Hungary by the end of 2019. This project has already been approved by the respective National Regulatory Authorities of Romania and Hungary, respective final investment decisions (FIDs) are already taken and project is already in developmental stage conforming to the BRHA planning.

There is no delay foreseen in the following period, the two companies assure. Phase two shall create a 4.4 bcma firm bi-directional capacity on the border of Romania-Hungary by end-2022.

The works foreseen for the second stage will comprise the following projects: on Hungary’s border: the Csanádpalota compressor station, stage II; the extension of the Városföld compressor station; the connection at Gödöllo node on the Vecsés-Szada pipeline’s segment; the lengthening of the Szada compressor station – the MGT project. The following projects are mentioned on Romania’s border: the Recas – Horia 32″ x 63 bar pipeline, of rd 50 km; the expansion of three compressor stations (SC Podisor, SC Bibesti and SC Jupa) by installing an additional compressor in each station; the expansion of the SMG Horia gas metering station.

The FID will be taken upon the positive market interest that shall be expressed during the RoHu Open Season procedure. This will enable the network users to consider besides the Hungarian VTP the export capacities bookable to the neighbouring countries.



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