Transgaz warning: Gas transmission system is in a state of imbalance

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The National Gas Transmission system (SNT) was on Thursday in a state of imbalance, as the gas volumes in the pipelines are below the working limit in normal parameters, Transgaz – the national gas transmission company – informs.

Line Pack indicator, the actual amount of gas in a pipeline or distribution system, was at 14.00h of 34.5 million cubic metres, which point to imbalance in the system.

Transgaz explains that the optimum state of SNT is a Line Pack of 41 million cubic metres, +/- 1 million cubic metres and the normal state is between 38-44 million cubic metres. Risks appear if the indicator is below 33 million cubic metres or above 46 million cubic metres.

During the government sitting on Thursday, Energy Minister Toma Petcu said that during the latest period the amount of gas in the pipelines, the Line Pack, was in normal state of 38 million cubic metres. He argued Romania’s gas consumption is estimated to 70 million cubic metres per day, provided from the following sources: domestic output – 28 million cubic metres, from reserves – 26 million cubic metres, from import – 13 million cubic metres.

Other 3 million cubic metres are supplied from outside the national transmission system.

The National Gas Transmission Company, “TRANSGAZ” S.A., established based on Governmental Decision no. 334/28 April 2000, is the Romanian legal person operating as a trading joint-stock company, under the Romanian legislation and its By-laws.

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