Transport plans on paper: Romania – less highways, more express roads by 2030


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Romania would have to build 656 kilometers of highway, 2,226 kilometers of express roads by 2030, according to its transport master plan. The country would have to pay some EUR 6.2 billion on the highways and EUR 17.5 billion on the express roads, according to the National Guideline for developing transport patterns in Romania.

By then, the country should have built the Sibiu – Brasov highway – 105 km, the Ploiesti – Comarnic one (49 km), Craiova – Pitesti (115 km), Brasov – Bacau (158 km), Gilau – Bors (177 km), and Comarnic – Brasov (54 km). The master plan includes 16 express roads projects.

Romania currently has 644 km of highway, but no express roads. These latter are cheaper than highways, with no emergency lane and the speed limited to 120 kilometers per hour in the lowlands. Minister Ioan Rus says that these express ways could be converted into highways in time.

According to Transport Minister Ioan Rus, the master plan does not contain deadlines as it is a strategic document, which will be transformed into an operational program. The current master plan covers 2014-2030 period and is mandatory to access EU funds.

The document also stipulates the construction of 2674 km trans-regional roads, 293 km EuroTrans roads and 172 km detour roads, total funds required for the development of the road sector is EUR 26.1 billion.

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