Two IT giants ready to enter Romanian market

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By their coming, the companies could create 4,500 jobs.

2015 seems to be the year of grace in IT&C domain, this segment being the third largest revenue producer at Romania’s GDP, data show. In addition, a large international corporation will come in Romania and will create 3,000 new jobs in this field.
“We are waiting the company to take all necessary measures and to make it public (ed. note about creating the 3,000 new jobs), and we can only give moral support to this, because we can not do it financially speaking. They’re too big as company to ask for our financially help. They were extremely excited about Government policy on taxation and labor taxation as also about the quality that they find here. Complementary to this approach, there are other analyzes made by another corporation overseas, which takes into account the Romanian market creating other 1,500 new jobs in IT field also,” Razvan Cotovelea, minister for Information Society announced Tuesday, quoted by Agerpres.
The official added that one of these IT giants will establish and operations center in the country. The only details he gave is that one group is not from Europe and is among the top 5 brands on the global IT scene and the other one is coming from across the Ocean.
The Romanian IT market will most likely grow by 9.1 percent this year to a total of RON 5.4 billion (EUR 1.2 billion), exceeding most countries in the region.
The progress is due to strong economic growth and Romania’s status as regional center for IT professionals, according to Business Monitor International.
In another context, the minister said that the government is preparing a set of laws meant to stimulate investments into data networks.
“At the moment, for a certain frequency was granted, a license tax is paid upon allocation and also an annual tax. We wish to come in Parliament with a law package that should allow financial discounts for telecom operators if they are investing in internet infrastructure,” said Cotovelea.

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