Two tourism marketers open new online DYI business

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Two Romanian marketers who worked in the tourism sector, Elvis Floroiu and Dan Dumitru are among the entrepreneurs who opened a new business during the pandemic: they have set up an online DYI business,, based in imports and sales of paint-by-numbers, diamond painting, wooden 3D puzzle and 3D origami.

The investment hobby society is meeting the consumers’ demands to spend quality time at home. The platform comprises tens of options of paint-by-numbers, diamond painting, wooden and paper 3D puzzles that are hand made following instructions.

The platform is based on sales of creativity products for those aged from 8 to 80. What has been initially a game it has rapidly turned into business. We are in search for a new headquarter, we are recruiting staff and important steps are ahead, like introducing a marketplace platform”, said one of the founders, Elvis Floroiu.

“The first week of the new business line opened within Neagentia brought us orders five times higher than the expectations, as the people’s desire to have creative, relaxing activities during the lockdown was obvious. The platform’s major advantage are the customers who appreciate the high quality products and competitive prices”, said the other owner, Dan Dumitru.

The two founders estimate businesses of EUR 200,000 in 2020.

Besides, Floroiu and Dumitru are developing Neagentia, an online marketing and consultancy agency that provides online and classic campaign in various sectors, particularly in tourism.

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