UAV Hirrus, the unmanned aircraft ‘made in Romania’

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A local company providing aircrafts for the Romanian Army for 10 years has developed a machine that can fly unmanned for three hours, being used in search operations, surveillance or data collection, informs.

According to company’s representative, UAV Hirrus can gather a lot of information at low costs. Last summer, the aircraft participated in attempts to find a glider that disappeared with all his flying machine.

The plane can reach 120 kilometers per hour but has the best efficiency at low speeds because it can gather more data.

Its strengths are that it does not need a pilot, it works with rechargeable batteries and it’s easily to be maintained. The flight is driven by professionals with a console.

“The whole system, including the subsystems within it, are designed and manufactured in Romania. Including all the autopilot system that is entirely a Romanian product,” Emanuel Pop, the general manager of the company that develops the unmanned aircraft stated.

UAV Hirrus is designed with the help of the teachers from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Polytechnic University in Bucharest. The unmanned aircraft was presented recently in preview on Tuzla Airport, Constanta County, during ‘Aeromania 2016’ event.

According to aircraft engineers, UAV Hirrus has a ‘follow mode’ through which an object can be chased, ‘manual mode’ through which you can walk around with it and ‘pattern mode’ to fly over a certain area.

A complete system with unmanned aircraft, antennas and control console starts from EUR 100,000.

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