Uber and Taxify ask the Gov’t to postpone GEO amending the taxi law


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In a common stance, Uber and Taxify car sharing services operating in Romania has asked the Government on Thursday to postpone the emergency ordinance planning to amend the taxi law, through which car sharing operators would be outlawed.

We thank the Government for the openness to dialogue and we assure them of our full cooperation for the modernization of the transportation framework, in line with the recommendations of the European Commission, according to which these new services should be regulated and not banned.

Until a regulatory framework for new transportation services is developed in Romania, similar to other EU member states, we ask the members of the Government to postpone the Emergency Ordinance, on behalf of our over 2 million users and tens of thousands of drivers using our platforms to earn a living.

Over 2 millions people in Romania use Uber, Taxify and other similar platforms that is 1 in 10 Romanians. People use and appreciate our services because they are safe, transparent and reliable. According to a IRES study, 7 out of 10 young people see apps such as our as a viable alternative to car ownership, while 9 out of 10 wish that authorities would encourage alternative mobility options and not limit them.

So far, this newly formed industry has contributed with tens of millions of Euros to the local economy, in just a few years.  At the same time, we’ve contributed to the creation of tens of thousands of taxed jobs across the country. The potential is considerable and we are committed to continue develop our services here and cooperate with authorities to help solve issues such as congestion, lack of parking spaces and pollution.

We do share the taxi industry view that regulatory changes are needed, but we believe that these changes should favor the development of the mobility industry,” reads their joint statement.

Following taxi drivers’ protest at the end of February, the representatives of the authorized carriers and transports met Transports and Development ministers and agreed that the taxi law, no 34/2003 will be amended.

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