Uber, Taxify could be banned in Romania. Taxi apps, also in sight


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The activity of ride sharing companies Uber and Taxify could be banned in Romania because of a draft emergency ordinance of the Ministry of Development amending the taxi law.

The project proposes a fine of RON 5,000 for the drivers carrying persons or goods without authorization. Fines will affect the Uber and Taxify services, discouraging drivers because they do not have licenses.

The word “repeatedly” has also been deleted from the law, which is currently present, allowing the taxi drivers from other localities in Ilfov county or occasional drivers to challenge fines in court, where they win.

The Emergency Ordinance draft also requires that taxi apps be assigned to authorized dispatchers. The change targets the activity of Star Taxi and Clever Taxi.

“The app can only be used by a taxi dispatcher, authorized under the law, to ensure customer safety”, according to EO draft.

Previously, a project targeting the activity of Uber/Taxify and Star Taxi/Clever Taxi apps was in discussion at the Bucharest General Council (CGMB) last year. The project was abandoned, waiting for an official regulation from the Ministry of Transport.

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