Uber Eats introduces pilot project in Bucharest

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Uber Eats introduces in Romania the possibility of personal pick-up of food ordered through the app. More than 300 restaurants joined the pilot program so far. The “Pick-up” option brings new benefits for users, including no delivery charges and the ability to pick up an order during lunch break or on the way home, without waiting. More than that, Bucharest users who order their food on Uber Eats will be able to use the code ridica10 for a 10% off their order.

By enabling users to pick up their orders, Uber Eats wants to provide them with a quick and convenient way to access their meals – whether it’s just coffee-to-go or skipping the queue at lunchtime. Bucharest is one of the few cities in Europe where the option is live, alongside Paris, London, Stockholm or Warsaw.

The Pick-up service will offer restaurants yet another way to grow their business with Eats and provide users with a new, quick, easy and affordable way to get food from their favorite restaurants.

“We want to support the growth of the restaurant industry and make our local communities more economically vibrant places to do business. That’s why we’re launching a new service to help brick and mortar restaurants grow their business, while providing users with a quick and convenient way to access food on-the-go. Whether that’s grabbing a coffee on the way to work or skipping the queue during the lunchtime rush. Although this is primarily a test and learn opportunity, we look forward to receiving feedback from customers before optimizing and expanding further” said Chris Radoszewski, General Uber Eats manager for CEE.

How to place an order with Pick-Up option?

When placing an order with Uber Eats, please select the delivery option, marked “Pick-up”. Once you have placed your order, you will be able to see when your order is ready and go for pickup. The application will also show you where the nearest restaurants offering the new service are.

Uber Eats was launched in Romania in 2018 and it currently has over 700 restaurant partners in Bucharest, from small, family run businesses to chains. The average delivery time is 36 minutes.  A survey done among top restaurants shows that Eats helped 72% grow their business. 47% registered a growth between 10 and 30%. 31% are considering hiring more people to cover the growing demand.

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