Uber introduces a new safety feature to prevent riders from getting into the wrong car 

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As more and more people use Uber, getting in the wrong Uber or car is a known issue, especially in crowded city areas. In most cases it can be a harmless mistake but can be a safety risk. In order to prevent that, Uber is introducing a new safety feature: Check Your Ride.

Starting today, riders will see a push notification when they get matched to a driver, reminding them to check if the car license plate and driver match what is shown in the app just before their car arrives. The alert will go live today and will progressively roll out to all riders in the days ahead.

Also, Uber is adding a banner in the app, starting from the moment you get matched with a driver until the moment you start your trip, to remind you how to confirm the right car:

Step 1: check the license plate

Step 2: match the car make and model

Step 3: check the driver’s photo to make sure it’s your driver

Ash Kebriti, Uber General Manager, Central and Eastern Europe, said: “We want the check my ride protocol to become synonymous with Uber.  This new notification feature will remind people to complete these three steps every time they get in an Uber.  It is another important and visual reminder of the importance we place on safety as well as how tech can make travel safer than ever before.”

In addition, riders can also ask the driver to confirm their name. A driver sees the rider’s name in their app just as the driver’s name is displayed in the rider app. To safely exchange names, they can ask, “Who are you here to pick up?” The driver may also ask rider to confirm their name (“Who’s your driver?”).

Last year, Uber launched a number of safety features, in addition to GPS tracking of all trips and the fact that all drivers are background checked. Many of these features were highlighted in Uber latest campaign ‘Safety Never Stops’:

  • Emergency button – With the push of a button in the app, riders and drivers/couriers can connect directly to emergency assistance service when needed.
  • Trusted Contacts – Riders can now easily designate five friends or family members as “trusted contacts” and, with a single tap, share their trip information which are easily customizable in their trip sharing preferences.
  • Safety Centre – A new app-housed safety information hub where users can find information on some of the key existing safety tools in the app, including information on the driver and the car, trip GPS-tracking and the Uber rating and feedback system.
  • Speed alerts – A feature which reminds driver and delivery partners to maintain a safe speed within the posted speed limits.

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