Uber is launching Uber Green in Timișoara 

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The Uber Green service is now available in Timișoara, with 100% electric, 0 emission vehicles, here to give people of Timișoara an alternative, greener means of transportation. Currently, there are 63 electric vehicles on Uber, such as Renault Zoe, VW e-Golf, BMW i3, Smart Forfour, or Hyundai IONIQ Electric, aiming at an average ETA of less than 5 minutes.

Timișoara is the second city in Romania where Uber Green is now available, after the service was launched in Bucharest 2 years ago. Since its launch in the capital, more than 225,000 passengers have chosen a trip in electric cars. In total, they travelled a distance of almost 3 million km, thus stopping approximately 1000 tons of carbon dioxide from reaching the atmosphere. In addition, Uber has also integrated electric scooters from Lime into its app in Bucharest this summer, to give users another option to travel emission free in their city.

”Timișoara is the second city in Romania where we are launching the Uber Green service, after seeing that people want a better future for their city and how open they are to alternative, greener means of transportation. This year we have announced our global commitment to become a zero-emissions mobility platform by 2040 across the 10,000 cities and six continents in which we operate, which is why we are making efforts to bring Uber Green to as many cities as possible.”  says Nicoleta Schroeder, General Manager Uber Romania.

In Europe, Uber also offers green transportation options in roughly 40 cities, including Paris, London, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Porto and Vienna, and is planning to bring Green in up to 60 cities by the end of next year. Until the end of 2025, Uber plans that 50% of kilometers driven in aggregate across seven European capitals will be in zero emission vehicles. Therefore, the company has made more than $800m available and partnered with numerous large industry players to support drivers to switch to electric vehicles.

Through the launch of Uber Green in Timișoara, Uber is planning to transform mobility so that everyone can access reliable, safe, affordable and clean transportation at the touch of a button, instead of having to rely on individual car ownership. Uber Green’s purpose is to help cities decrease air pollution, reduce urban congestion, and increase access to clean modes of transportation. ”We want to give people new ways to travel safely and sustainably, without having to rely on individual car ownership anymore. To do so, we are actively working with cities across Europe to improve access to clean, safe and affordable modes of transportation.” Nicoleta Schroeder added.

How Uber Green works:

  1. Open the Uber app
  2. Select destination
  3. Select Uber Green
  4. Confirm the pick-up location
  5. A driver will be available in a few minutes.

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