Uber urges partner drivers to get licensed in time as November 1st deadline comes closer

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Throughout October, Uber teams in Bucharest will be ramping up their efforts to help more and more partner drivers comply with the recently approved government regulations that take effect on November 1st. Today, we launched the Ultima Zi #1Noiembrie (Last Day #November1st) campaign, which reunites a series of initiatives designed to urge people to finish their licensing process, so they don’t end up unable to access the platform.

The regulations adopted in late August clearly states that after the transition period that expires on November 1st, platforms such as Uber have no option but to disconnect drivers who have not completed their licensing process,” explains Uber’s general manager for Romania, Nicoleta Schroeder. “If we failed to implement the changes, then both us and the drivers would risk fines or losing our licenses.” 

The general manager explains that if the new rules were to take effect today, more than half of all the partner drivers in the country would be cut off. And a big decline in the number of available drivers consequently means a longer waiting time for riders.

“Many of our partners choose to drive with Uber and deliver food with Uber Eats to complement their income or to achieve a specific goal such as paying for a vacation. However, we know several of them actually see us as their key source of income, which increases our responsibility in helping them not miss any days of work,” says the general manager.

In the past few months, Schroeder and her team have managed to close several partnerships to benefit drivers such as the one with FATII, which have sent a team to Uber’s customer support center to facilitate drivers’ enrollment to obtain the driver certification.

The Ultima Zi #1Noiembrie (Last Day #November1st) campaign involves increasing the number of Uber employees working at the customer support center in Pipera; increasing the number of Q&A sessions hosted at that same customer support center; and rolling out a broader informational campaign, which will now impact emails and the Uber Partner App.

In addition, starting tomorrow, all fully licensed drivers will benefit from a 0% service fee until (and including) November 1st.

Further, you will find more details about the necessary steps the drivers should take in order to comply with the new legislation and get their licenses.

Documents for companies which work with app ride-sharing platforms:

  • Transportation Manager certification – @4 weeks duration
    • Medical and physiological tests
    • To pass a class at a vocational school
  • ATA Legal entity – @2 weeks


Individually, drivers need also the following documents:

  • Authorized vehicle copy – @2 weeks
    • Medical and physiological tests
    • To pass a class at a vocational school
  • Driver certification – @4 weeks minimum
  • Alternative transportation badge – @ 1 day

If a driver is a Self- Employed Person, one must obtain the documents for drivers and also the Legal entity ATA, which is needed in the case of company, or one must collaborate with a company, and then he/she will receive those documents from the company.

All certifications are given by the Romanian Road Authority, but at the driver support Center partners are helped to go throughout the entire process, except for the medical tests.

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