Ukraine to modernise distribution stations to import gas from Romania

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Ukraine has signed a contract with Republic of Moldova to revamp its existing gas distribution stations so that it could import gas from Romania, amid risk of Russia’s cutting off supplies, Ukrtransgaz announced.

A great part of the Russian gas exports to the European Union is transiting the pipelines in Ukraine, with Ukrainians being able to access Russian gas for their own needs. However, the Russian-Ukrainian agreement on the gas transit to Europe is expiring in January 2020, and the authorities in Kiev fear that Russia will cut off the supplies.

According to  press release, Ukrtransgaz and Moldovagaz have set the technical solutions needed to create new import capacities for the trans-Balkan gas pipeline, on the south-north route. The main reason of this partnership is the diversification of Ukraine’s gas transmission networks for the fall-winter period 2019/2020.

Ukrtransgaz also announced that they expect that by January 1, 2020 a constant capacity allowing up to 1.5 billion cubic metres to be imported from Romania per year should be provided. The gas will be imported through the Razdelnaia-Ismail and Şebelinka-Dnepropetrovsk-Krivoi Rog-Ismail pipelines.

The gas transmission stations from Grebeniki (Ukraine) and Căuşeni (R.Moldova) will be modernised to enable a change in the stream direction.

This project has a strategic importance for Ukraine and R. Moldova“, Ukrtransgaz underlined.

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