Unexpected insolvencies among Romanian travel agencies: Mareea – the new ‘victim’

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Mareea travel agency informed its customers that as September 4 no longer guarantees holidays and will enter into insolvency. It is the second case of its kind just after a few weeks ago Genius Travel has left about 150 Romanian at home.

According to the National Authority for Tourism (ANT), almost 1,100 tourists were harmed by Mareea, the sum of all contracts amounting to EUR 460,000, of which EUR 285,000 is outstanding to suppliers.

Just a week before, the travel agency was fined with RON 14,000 after the ANT control, based on four complaints. Also, the operating license was withdrawn.

Mareea ended 2015 with a net profit of over RON 780,000 and a turnover of RON 66,369,100, according to Ministry of Public Finances (MFP) data.

To recover the amounts due by the travel agency, if the tourists will not accept compensatory solutions offered by tour operators and hoteliers, they can contact the company that issued the insolvency policy, worth USD 50,000. Most customers of Mareea travel agency will be taken over by other tour operators.

Marius Usturoiu, the owner of the travel agency said Saturday for profit.ro that he decided to ask the insolvency of the company because of cash flow problems caused by the poor results on the charter segments, and of the decrease of 50-60 percent in sales of vacations in Turkey. He promised that the tourists with booking made through Mareea will not remain without money and holiday, denying the statements and rumors according to which he disappeared for a while, avoiding giving explanations to customers.

In a ranking conducted by the National Association of Travel Agencies (ANAT) on 30 of the largest travel agencies in Romania, Mareea is the 13th. This is an unexpected news, considering that the tour operator with over 15 years experience on the market, had only 10,000 accommodation places on the Romanian seaside.

Mareea was involved in the tragic accident in Montenegro in 2013, where 18 Romanians were killed and another 29 were injured.



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