Units 3, 4 of Cernavoda project to create 16,000 jobs in the domestic industry


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The project of 3 and 4 reactors of Cernavoda will create 16,000 jobs in the domestic industry, “Romanian Atomic Forum” Association – ROMATOM shows in a press release on Monday.

Thus, ROMATOM representatives welcomed the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) approval on last Friday regarding the draft made by Energy Minister Victor Vlad Grigorescu on the 3 and 4 units of the Cernavoda, according to which the Nuclear Power Plant is declared Romania’s priority investment project.

According to Marius Gheorghiu, General Manager of Elcomex IEA, the company holding the ROMATOM Presidency, the project is good for Romania, achieving a rate of 30-32 percent for nuclear energy in the national energy mix by the commissioning of two new nuclear units.

Romanian nuclear industry participation at the completion of Cernavoda’s units 3 and 4 means, firstly, highlighting the investments made in the past, the production facilities and spaces for the manufacture of components and CANDU 6 unit equipment.

“Nuclear power is part of the solution to meet the growing demand for electricity in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thereby providing 27 percent of Europe’s electricity and 53 percent of electricity without carbon emissions,” the release also reads.

A support letter in relation to the Cernavoda project was signed at the beginning of this year by the Romanian government, which outlines major areas of support and commitment associated with the project.

Cernavoda is home to two operating Candu reactors, units 1 and 2, and produces around 18 percent of the country’s electricity. The doubling of the production capacity of the plant through the construction of two new units represents a major competitive advantage in the medium and long term, according to local analysts.


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