Universal Robots launches new concept of online webinars – first will take place in Romania on April 15

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Universal Robots, world leader in production of collaborative robots based in Denmark, launches a new concept of webinars in the Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Russia. The series will open in Romania on Wednesday, April 15, starting at 11:00. Webinars are launched to meet requirements that the current uneasy situation brings.

Because it is impossible to organise conferences and travelling options are limited due to the spread of the coronavirus, Universal Robots decided to launch new concept of webinars – internet online seminars to achieve possibility of continuous education about automation with help of the collaborative robots.

The webinars are divided into three parts. Each of them is approximately 1-hour long and they are free. For each country, the webinar is localised to the local language. Webinars will be led by a professional technician and a local chief business representative. An online interaction with both Universal Robots experts will be possible and they will answer all questions.

The first part is Webinar in the Box that will introduce the Universal Robots products, especially collaborative robots (cobots). During the webinar, a technician will demonstrate manipulation with a cobot – from unpacking to installation of the cobot with basic programming. This part is directed towards beginners and companies that want to know more about process of automation in small and middle-sized enterprises, and to everyone that wants to know more about Universal Robots and about use of collaborative robots as an integral part of current automation.

The second part, Application Webinars, will explain the use of cobots in a specific application. The content of this part is more technical, and it will reveal how the use of application should look like, where it is possible to use it and which cobots are ideal for the specific use of chosen application. Individual applications are divided to 6 thematic groups based on the usage. The first group will concentrate on welding, second on screw-driving, third on palletising, fourth on polishing, fifth on bin picking and the last one on machine tending. Each one of them will be approximately one-hour long. The information will be complemented by case studies.

In the third part Universal Robots will offer complimentary product services subsequent to the use and acquisition of collaborative robots. Main topics in this part will be the work safety with cobots, Service360 Basic offer, i.e. an extended warranty.

The first part of the webinars launches in Romania on 15st April at 11:00 and on 29th April at 11:00. Other parts will follow during May. Attendance is possible through registration on the website.

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