Update: ANT withdraws licenses of 1,384 travel agencies without insurance policies. Among them Christian Tour, Paralela 45, Eximtur

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The National Tourism Authority (ANT) has withdrawn the licenses of 1,384 travel agencies who did not have a valid insurance policy on reimbursement of repatriation costs and on the amounts paid by tourists for purchasing services or travel packages. Among them: Christian Tour, Paralela 45, Perfect Tour, Eximtur, Kartago Tours, Paradis Vacanţe de Vis, cotidianul.ro informs.

As of the publication date, the economic operators in the list can no longer carry on business of travel agencies, according to the law, says the institution. The communiqué does not specify what will happen to tourists who have already purchased holidays.

An ANT press release states that it is banned under the law, “to conduct tourism activities specific to travel agencies by the economic operators with expired tourism license, or without having a valid insurance policy on the reimbursement of the costs of repatriation and/or on sums paid by tourists to purchase services/travel packages, in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of the travel agency.”

The list of travel agencies which have not proved having a valid insurance policy is on www.turism.gov.ro.

A historical decision

The consultant in tourism marketing Razvan Pascu says about the ANT decision, according to cotidianul.ro: “It is a historic decision, unprecedented on the Romanian market. I publicly congratulate ANT for its courage! It is sad for the employees in this field, mainly for those who do their job with passion and try hard to offer the clients the best options for holidays, however they are collateral victims to their employers’ greed. Unfortunately, not all of them are enthusiasts when it comes to offering high quality tourism and, also unfortunate, not all agencies are fair to treat their customers with honesty.”

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