Upgrading process within BCR network. 28 branches become cashless units

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As of this January, BCR, Romania’s top lender, turns 28 branches across the country into cashless units that will operate electronically without cashier, a press release informs.

The financial institution will invest about EUR 50 million by 2020 in cash waiver operations and optimization of BCR’s territorial network.

The plan to limit as much as possible the cash operations, which prove to be the most expensive of banking activity, has been announced since the end of last year.

Besides turning the 28 BCR units into cashless units (without cash and no cashier), another 58 will be fully optimized. The BCR network will have 41 cashless branches and their number will increase to 125 in 2018.

BCR will also open 7 new Financial Dialogue Centre branches this year, and another 58 will be upgraded, based on a total investment of more than EUR 50 million in the next two years.

In each of the 33 cashless BCR units, the clients will carry out current banking operations thanks to the two latest equipment installed by the bank: MFM, a Multi Functional Machine which allows a wide range of operations; and APT – Automated BCR Counter for individuals, through which they can make cash deposits and pay invoices. All of these operations are already available today in these units.


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