UR cobots can help local businesses to overcome hard times


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The situation in the market is not exactly sunshine for those who carry out their activity in the production area, the vast majority of them registering in the last months, since the outbreak of the pandemic generated by the coronavirus, notable decreases in terms of sales. In a period that shows to be more and more difficult, and for many businesses the burden is just at the beginning, the technological solution is certainly an advantage and can provide a faster passage through the stages of adaptability and reconfiguration compared to current market requirements.

Manufacturing companies that have implemented technical solutions on the production lines, such as the collaborative robots from Universal Robots, can benefit from an easier transition over exceptional times, due to the versatility of the cobots that can be integrated in several key processes in the production flow, as a consequence of the fact that they can be easily moved from one place to another.

In recent years, it has become increasingly clear to companies of all sizes that the next logical step for a sustainable high productivity and staying competitive is automation. The situation is the same for Romanian companies. Almost 28% of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies plan robotization in the next 3 years, being motivated primarily by an increase in product quality, closely followed by increased competitiveness and increased production volume, according to a study conducted by Universal Robots in Romania. “It is a normal decision for companies that want to become important players in the market in the near future. There are already several companies in the local market that have automated processes on the production line, and now evaluate every work process involved in their activity to determine if its automation is possible”, says Răzvan Isac, Channel Development Manager Romania and the Balkans, Universal Robots .

Companies that want to automate wish for an easy process of integrating robots, versatility and increased security from them. All this completed by a fast return on investment. For this reasons, there are already local companies that have chosen to implement collaborative robots. This is also the case of Inteva Salonta, part of the Inteva group, a global supplier of engineering components and systems for the automotive industry.

„We chose to integrate cobots from Universal Robots because they are versatile, easy to program and can be used in many key positions. It occupies a restricted space, no safety cages or massive structures are needed for the location, and the installation and programming were easy and without problems. Last but not least, due to the fact that the amount paid to purchase the cobots will be recovered in a maximum of two years, we consider that the integration of collaborative robots in the production process is a sustainable and future investment,” says Mihai Cristea, Plant Manager Inteva Salonta.

Businesses that plan for automation seek to streamline and increase production quality by placing tedious and monotonous tasks on robots and moving human employees in the middle of work processes where they can make a difference and create added value. “The integration of cobots in the critical points of the assembly process on the production line also led to an increase in the quality of the assembled products, the task being performed strictly following the steps and without errors every time. A big advantage is that they do not get tired and can work 24 hours a day if needed. Thus, we recorded both improvements in the workflow and an overall increase in production. With the implementation of cobots and their takeover of repetitive tasks, human operators have been able to focus on performing more complex and creative operations, this leading to an increase in well-being and job satisfaction,” adds Mihai Cristea, Plant Manager of Inteva Salonta.

Automation with collaborative robots can be the technological advantage that manufacturers need to produce goods at a higher quality faster and more efficiently, thus increasing their market share and becoming a landmark for the end consumer in the service area in which they operate. Regarding exceptional situations, such as a financial crisis or a pandemic, it is crucial for many businesses to rethink, adjust and adapt their production processes. This implies an increased flexibility that UR cobots bring in the automated processes in which they are integrated.

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