Urban transportation platform adapted to the post-pandemic social context launched in Romania

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Neobility, a Romanian capital platform built to support and develop urban mobility, is launching UrbanAir, a service that integrates all the shared mobility solutions. The platform is present on the Romanian market but it is also available at a global level, and it matches perfectly the social-distancing needs, through in-city individual transportation options. At the moment, the platform encompasses over 100 alternative-mobility suppliers.

UrbanAir aims to satisfy, especially in the context created by the pandemic, the in-city movement needs. Thus, the platform is offering to its users the best alternative-movement options, taking in consideration the location of the user and the destination: bicycle, scooter, car, etc.

In Romania, the app is available in the cities where there is more than one shared mobility solution. In Bucharest, the platform has 12 available suppliers of electric scooters, bicycles or cars, all of them being shared-transportation alternatives. In total, the app is at the moment active in 60 cities around the globe.

Through Neobility we aimed to develop urban mobility solutions, thus helping people move with a higher degree of flexibility. Moreover, in the actual context created by the medical crisis, it is imperative for the means of transport to be as safe as possible. Here is where UrbanAir will satisfy the needs of the customers, an alternative-mobility radar which brings together all the shared mobility suppliers within the city, so that we will have at hand the closest vehicle at any given time. By doing so, urban alternative mobility can become an unitary integrated segment, dedicated to daily commuting, on which we can rely”, said Mihai Rotaru, founder & CEO at Neobility.

The best urban movement solution, in the context of social distancing

UrbanAir comes as a solution for in-city movement, facilitating the access to all of the alternative transport means available on the market. On top of that, the app is offering to its users the best options depending on their location and destination. UrbanAir adapts therefore perfectly to the way people are moving within the city, suggesting the best transport means.

The app can be downloaded for free in the Appstore for iOS and in the Play Store for Android, and the users can sign-up by only using their phone number. They can then see on the live-map all the available shared mobility vehicles in their cities.

Globally, there are over 300 shared mobility services throughout almost 800 cities. Moreover, the alternative-transport means will continue to develop, especially in the medical crisis context generated by COVID-19 and by the social-distancing norms imposed. On the one hand, the possibility to access with ease shared mobility solutions within a city decreases the necessity of owning and using a personal car, and on the other hand, it has a positive impact on the traffic and on the pollution levels.

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