US giant to hire 200 people in Romania until next year

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American industrial giant General Electric will have 200 new employees in Romania until next year, currently having 900 after the merger with Alstom, Cristian Colteanu, President and CEO of GE for Romania, Bulgaria & Republic of Moldova stated on Wednesday during a press meeting.

According to him, the new employees will be engineers and specialists in software, system services or design. Colteanu added that the company needs engineers following GE’s became a digital industrial company.

“For GE, the engineers are never enough and Romanian engineers are very good,” he argued.

Cristian Colteanu added that the company’s three production units in Romania have contributed with over USD 100 million to domestic exports and there are prospects for growth by 10-15 percent by next year.

“The Lufkin factory in Ploiesti, where we produce equipment for the upstream oil sector, 90 percent of production is exported. The exports growth we estimate will come from production’s revaluation and diversification, meaning that we will produce new parts and equipment,” the GE Romania head added.

In Romania, GE owns Lufkin oil well factory near Ploiesti and a plant of components for aircraft engines in western Bucharest called Unison Engine Components.

With Alstom’s takeover, GE has in portfolio a production unit of energy equipment located on IMGB platform in Bucharest.


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