Vast Resources starts the testing activities on tailing ponds in Bihor

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The British mining company Vast Resources announces the start of the drilling program in order to confirm the presence of the mineral resources in the tailing ponds of the Baita Plai mine, Bihor County, a press release informs on Friday. This is the first step of the greening process of the area, which implies reprocessing the material cumulated in the ponds from Faneata in over 40 years of mining.

The testing of the tailings in Faneata consists of extracting samples by drilling into the ponds and analysing them in the UK. Then, the equipment from the mine in Baita Plai that Vast Resources owns since 2014 will be used to process the tailings. According to the last studies made in 2011, in the tailing dams there are more than 4.000 tons of copper, 6.640 tons of zinc, 3.100 tons of lead, 35 tons of silver and 309 kg of gold.

“Greening the tailing dams here represents for Vast Resources an opportunity to both bring a major benefit for the environment and to complete the list of activities the company has in Romania with a short term project that is financially beneficial as well. By making these investments and using modern technology, we intend to extract the metallic content as efficient as possible and at a high rate,” said Andrew Prelea, President and Executive Director of Vast Resources Romania.

The Results of the operations that Vast Resources has launched this month aim to confirm the presence of the materials specified in the study that was made five years ago. Moreover, they will be used to identify the most efficient ways to process the materials. Therefore, the information offered by these tests are an important element in planning the next steps: making a feasibility study for the resources present in the tailing dams and reprocessing the tailings in order to extract the polymetallic ore residues.

The tailing ponds from Faneața are 7 kilometers away from the mine in Baita Plai and the drilling activities will take place over the following six weeks.



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